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Cycling, believe or not, can be a very relaxing form of travelling. A typical day on a cycling holiday is easy-paced and flexible, with the actual distance spreading throughout the day.
Every start is difficult. You don't have to be an expert to participate and you certainly don't need to be super fit. Besides the obvious experience in the nature, we are sure that it enables a far more independent yet sociable program - an opportunity to get you up close and personal with the places you're exploring, as well as to develop a real bond with your travelling companions and the people you meet along the way. Clean & Green: besides walking, cycling is one of the most environmental friendly forms of transport, with minimal negative impact on the environment.


Advantages of cycling

  • As a method of physical activity for common people cycling can be carried out easily as a part of daily routine (shopping, going to school or to work).
  • For children, strategies to promote less sedentary lifestyles are emerging as being the most effective way of avoiding obesity.
  • The major advantage of cycling is that it frees you from public transport. Public transport is great but when you ride a bike you know exactly how long it will take to get where you're going and you can leave whenever you want.
  • It also makes you much healthier. You are in the fresh air, you exercise and it is environment friendly.
  • Several studies, including randomised controlled trials and epidemiological studies, have shown benefits of cycling in reducing weight, increasing energy expenditure, increasing fitness and reducing mortality.
  • Cycling, as part of normal daily activities, can yield much the same improvements in physical performance as specific training programmes. The activity involved in commuting to work through walking or cycling has significant potential to improve health-related physical fitness of adults who previously lived a sedentary life.

Roundtrips - Lake Balaton - Spa Heviz

You can spend pleasant time while cycling trough the northern bank of Lake Balaton which makes your trip unforgettable with its forests and fields, with a special flora and fauna and the special white wines of the fruitful vineyards in the hilly countryside of the Balaton.The thermal spring of Hévíz - with its 4,4 hectare surface is the largest natural thermal lake in Europe - is a generous gift from nature and a treasure of our country. It is connected with Lake Balaton by a 9 km cycling route.

Cycling excursions - round trips:

You don't have to be in good condition for the trips, on request you can decide either to shorten or extend the tour.Cycling goes trough cycling routes, secondary roads, and good roads in the fields. As there aren't many settlements in the surroundings the traffic is low.

Tour 1
You can ride through the typical western Hungarian hilly countryside and forests, along small villages with fruit-gardens and vineyards all around Keszthely. (on request 50 or 61 km route)
Tour 2
An excursion to the small town of Keszthely. It is possible to visit one of the most significant palaces of western Hungary (Palace Festetics) and then the trip goes on to Lake Balaton.
Tour 3
The region round Lake Balaton is known as a famous spa region of Hungary. This tour leads through the Hungarian 'Puszta' and its beautiful vineyards to the spas in Zalaszentgrót and Kehidakustany. (on request 50 or 74 km route)
Tour 4
Cycling-tour to Lake Kis-Balaton. This region was recognized in the list of the international excellent bird nesting places thanks to its significance as a nature reserve. This area together with a buffalo-preserve enjoys a very careful protection. It is worth visiting the Kis-Balaton Museum and the buffalo-preserve. (on request 66 or 78 km route)
Tour 5
Built on a 100 m high cliff the castle of Sümeg can be seen from a long distance. You can spend some time in the castle. There is a museum – which is worth seeing – and you can see castle tournaments. Riding your bike back you can visit the biggest Hungarian Stupa (Buddhist temple) (on request 60 or 80 km route)
Tour 6
The tour starts through fabulous forests, fields and fruit-gardens of Kali basin to Tapolca. After a boat-trip (optional) on the lake and a visit to the famous cave you can have a pleasant time by the 'Mill-pond'. (on request 82 or 90 km route)
Tour 7
This tour by the Kis-Balaton leads on the cycling route of Lake Balaton as far as Balatonmária and after that you can enjoy the beautiful view from the boat (not included in the package) while you reach the northern bank of the Lake in Balatongyörök or Szigliget (you can climb to the fort and gather strength in the famous Eszterházy Cellar with delicious wine and dishes)(on request 45-65 km route)This tour depends on the boat-timetable in the low/high seasons.


All about the bikes

On one of our road cycle trips, your bike is provided on the spot. But you cannot only hire bicycles in our hotel - we will amply provide you with itineraries, maps, we organise cycling tours and there is even a bicycle repair workshop. On road-based tours we mostly provide either classic touring bikes or hybrids - robust on dirt tracks and nippy on good roads.
You only need a good bike!


You only need a good bike – possibly a Merida

In our hotel Merida bikes are available, they are of good quality, serviced regularly and kept in good condition. Different kinds of bikes are to rent, bikes for children, tracking bikes and city bikes.Naturally you can not only rent a bike here but we will amply provide you with itineraries and maps, we organise cycling tours and there is also a bicycle repair workshop even for your own bike. (Asking for an appointment in advance is necessary.)

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