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Cryosauna is an innovative cold therapy treatment, it helps to strengthen the body’s own immune system and retrieve its balance.
The cryogenic gas is supplied into the cabin, the temperature goes down from -60 °C to -170°C within 30 second.
The duration of the treatment is 60-180 second, to be increased during the course. The course consist of 10-20 treatment or even more. It is allowed to use the cryosauna even several times a day to increase the effectiveness of sessions.
This treatment is available in our hotel as an individual cure or it can be built in the traditional cure packages, for extra additional cost, depending on the result of the medical examination.

Before using the cryosauna it is compulsory to undergo a medical examination.


  • It is very favorable for the patients with rheumatic disor¬ders, because it relieves pain and the muscle spasms.
  • Thanks to the cryosauna, some locomotor and neuro¬logical disorders are efficiently treated. It is also a quick way of treatment and recovering after sports injuries or surgery.
  • It helps to reduce skin inflammatory disorders and cel¬lulite.
  • It is effective in general rejuvenation of the body and prevention of aging. It also improves blood circulation and has an health-promoting effects.


  • fever
  • malignant growths
  • pernicious anaemia
  • pregnancy
  • age under 10 years
  • individual cold intolerance
  • eruption caused by the cold


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