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On April 9, as part of our gastronomy weekend, we invite you to a journey around the globe. Special meats, surprising side dishes, and unique cooking methods.

Gourmet appetizers a la Európafit

We begin our 5-continent journey of tastes in Mexico, with a vegetable burrito for cold appetizer on our buffet counter. Did you know burrito means small donkey? It is assumed to have gotten its name from the fact that in the old days, things were carried on donkey-back packed in textiles, just like the stuffing is packed in the burrito. Food was inspired by practicality, it was important to be able to eat on the street with clean hands and no dipping. The stuffing is made basically from beans, as burrito was a poor man’s meal... Our burritos are packed with the tastiest vegetables and rich in vitamins, a pleasant dish for a cold appetizer.
To amateurs of special flavors, we recommend our kangaroo carpaccio, a specially marinated meat cut to thin slices. The name carpaccio refers to the thinly cut loin it is originally made from. Today it is prepared from various types of meat, generally special meats. Our choice today is kangaroo, as an invitation to Australia. Kangaroo meat is lean, tender and full of flavor, especially when cooked British-style i.e. medium-rare. Nevertheless, it is not raw, but surely worth a try.
Seafood cannot be omitted from the list of appetizers, either: we are making New Zealand green clams in white wine. Green clams are the healthiest choice on our dinner menu and a daily meal in native Maoris’ diets. An excellent source of nutrients, it is rich in natural sea protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. It is recommended for its benefits for the bones and cartilages, as well, and is perfectly paired by a glass of wine for a light prelude to dinner..

A simple, but equally tasty masterpiece of French cuisine, onion soup, is another mandatory and, not least, very healthy element on the hotel’s menu.

Healthy food in Hévíz... Hamburger??

After the soup, our journey continues with America and Russia. Well, it is not the most recent Hollywood thriller we invite you to, but hamburger and lamb mushroom pierogi, not to be missed. One of them is a “fundamental” in contemporary eating, but today fast-food restaurants have made it almost impossible to have a hamburger with a clear conscience. Still, hamburger can be as nice a naughty, especially if consumed with moderation and made from low-fat meat grilled on iron plate. Add a fresh bakery product, French fries made from real potato, baked in the oven without any salt. But make sure to leave room for the main course... Especially because you can’t miss lamb.
Pierogi is a Russian cuisine specialty and a national food. It is made from raised dough with sweet or, in our case, salty-meaty stuffing. The stuffed dough pieces are fried in oil or (as in Európafit) in the oven. Lamb is a special type of meat, one has to find the proper way to create a tasty with little suet. The hotel’s chefs will not disappoint you.

A Journey of Tastes on 5 Continents with the Main Dishes in Hotel Európa fit of Hévíz

We trust you still have some room left for the main courses, as we will present specialties of Canadian, Chinese, Egyptian, Brazilian, South African and German cuisines.
To amateurs of genuine hearty European meals, we recommend Bavarian pork leg baked in dark beer with sauerkraut, an excellent choice either with a side dish or with bakery products. If you set your mind on something light, please do try Beijing orange duck with star anise vegetable pie or fried chicken in maple syrup and potato gratin with celery sticks. Gratin is a French word meaning “the best of”, and generally it denotes an oven-baked or pan-fried side dish or casserole dish. Oven-baking can add lovely twists to regular potato dishes, such as a lot of butter, fresh cream, not to mention celery sticks or other delicacies. What can we say about maple syrup, a widely preferred ingredient in Canada for white meats, fruit pies, thick pancakes, or just like that... We will (soon) share our own “secret fried chicken in maple syrup a la Európafit” recipe with you... It is easy to make and a real treat for the palates.
To lovers of special meals, we bring fejioada partugusea, the Brazilian national food. We have to admit, fejioada used to be slave food, for which meat parts and intestines not very much liked by the squires, were mixed with beans to create hearty feasts. Amateurs of tripe and other national goodies should definitely not miss this.
Strucc bobotieAnd now our journey takes us to South Africa, as we taste the excellent ostrich bobotie. Bobotie is a richly spiced meatball-like dish baked on the oven. Other meats can be used, as well, such as beef or mutton. Ostrich leg evokes the taste of red meat and reminisces of venison, and tastes great. Main courses, of course, cannot but include a fish meal, so we will visit the far north part of Africa for a Nile perch fillet with white wine walnut sauce and bean croquets. Egyptian cuisine uses a lot of spice and creates a rich palette of tastes. A typical Egyptian food is falafel, which, in our kitchen, is a croquet made from beans, but chickpea and other seeds may be used, as well. Perch meat is tender and particularly tasty, almost completely boneless and a light choice of meal for the evenings. Unless you try every single main course before you get to it...

Desserts a la Európafit...

And if any room is left for dessert... Well, that will be a surprise.
Enjoy your meal!


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