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From May 29, our hotel will be available to our guests again. We are waiting for you in the entire hotel with increased hygienic safety measures. Our hotel operates in accordance with Hungarian regulations. If you want to book and travel, please find out about the travel and border crossing conditions available in your country, as well as the conditions for entering Hungary and the possible ways to travel. We also monitor current entry conditions and follow the guidelines posted there.

We welcome our guests who choose us and choose our hotel with a high level of hygienic preparedness. The measures affect all hotel departments that are in direct contact with guests, but concern the provision of optimal working conditions for staff working in the background and all the technical conditions that create the conditions for safe operation..

General measures

IMPORTANT! Our present protocol reflects the situation on June 24, 2020. We are constantly reviewing and updating our measures in accordance with legal regulations.

If our guest feels unwell, he is obliged to report at the reception or at the doctor's office, in which case we will provide an opportunity for segregation, and of course the guest may decide to travel home. We make sure of the health of our employees every time they start work and make sure that the necessary protective equipment is available. 

Reception and lobby measures

In the lobby of the hotel, during the arrival and departure, the distance of 1.5 meters must be observed for guests and employees, for which we provide an area separated by a cordon. At check-in and check-out, 1 person can stand at the counter, which is separated by plexiglass, protecting both our guests and staff. In the lobby, regular disinfection is carried out every two hours, paying particular attention to the surfaces in contact with the skin. Antiviral hand sanitizer is constantly available throughout the hotel. The lift can only be used by guests staying in one room at a time. On each floor, we have installed a non-contact hand sanitizer at the elevators for the safety of our staff and guests. The touch screen in the elevator is regularly disinfected, however, we recommend the use of stairs. Devices provided to the guest (key card, pen, etc.) are also disinfected with UV-C light and disinfectant at the reception before each release.
Upon arrival, the registration forms will be completed by announcement, and we recommend that you complete the registration forms online prior to arrival. The application form will only be handed over to the guest for signature. We prefer contactless payment on arrival, for which the bank card terminal is regularly disinfected.
The guest relations office will be closed until 1 July, until which time our guest service staff will be available at the reception desk, where a plexiglass wall will separate them from the guests.

Room use and cleaning measures

For the reopening, we made a major cleaning of the hotel, including, of course, the rooms and communal areas in the usual high quality.
Before each guest is received, the room is cleaned and the room surfaces are disinfected with ozone. We keep in mind that we can room our guests as far apart as possible. The rooms will only have the necessary paper-based information, which will be taken to the selective rubbish bin after the guest leaves. Temporary decorative scarves and pillows have also been removed from the rooms, waiting to be cleaned so that they can be returned after the Covid-19 danger has ceased. Guests are required to clean the room daily during their stay at the hotel. There is no way to avoid cleaning, we ask our guests to understand and support us. During cleaning we ventilate and disinfect the frequently affected surfaces. Guests are kindly requested not to use the bed in street clothes. The hotel has its own laundry, where a high degree of technology and automation ensures that properly cleaned and disinfected textiles are always delivered to rooms, medical treatments, restaurants, and spas.
During cleaning, our colleagues wear masks, and disinfect their hands regularly.

Hospitality measures

A table can seat up to four people and their children. When entering the restaurant, all our Guests must use the hand sanitizer. For the most optimal space allocation, our guests are accompanied by our colleagues to their table. Our staff (waiters, bosses and chefs) wear masks.
We continuously disinfect the surfaces of restaurant furniture and machines and equipment, and we also perform additional ozone disinfection at night.
We provide our guests with a buffet for both breakfast and dinner. At the buffet table, chefs and waiters help with serving. Of course, the usual selection, quality and abundance are still available to our guests.
Antiviral cleaners are used throughout the kitchen. We also make physical distance mandatory for our kitchen staff, and the use of masks and gloves is mandatory for them. We maintain a core temperature of 75 ° C when preparing meals, and we train our colleagues continuously.

Technical measures

A common question about Covid-19 is the health hazards of industrial ventilation / cooling / heating systems. The hazard is where the ventilation works with mixed air. In our hotel, the extraction and supply air work separately, so there is no air recirculation. This way, viruses do not enter the system from the room, common areas or offices. Of course, for reopening, the air filters have been properly adjusted, inspected and extraordinarily cleaned, also preventing the growth / spread of legionella bacteria.

Fitness room, sports program

In our hotel, the fitness room can accommodate 3 people or 1 family at a time. During the use of the machines, disinfection has been mandatory until now, this is still ensured, but we disinfect it every 3 hours, regardless of use. To avoid congestion, you can register for an appointment.
Our free sports programs are mainly held outdoors.

Vitalium Health and Beauty

In our medical and beauty department, we ensure the distance between the dispatcher counter and the plexiglass wall, and we help to maintain the distance of one and a half meters in front of the surgeries, counter and treatment rooms. The tools used in the counter are disinfected. The number of guests in the weight bath and treatments is minimized. The operation of cosmetics is allowed, so these services are available. Our colleagues wear appropriate protective equipment. If possible, arrive for treatments not in street clothes but in a bathrobe. After each treatment, the cabins are disinfected and the textiles are changed. In the Vitalium Medical Wellness Center, we provide a mask at the Vitalium reception free of charge upon request.

Wellness area, swimming pool

Our wellness department operates according to the rules and recommendations currently in force.
All our indoor and outdoor pools and the full range of our sauna services are available to our guests.
Mandatory water changes, disinfections, cleanings have taken place, and we have met extra water treatment regulations. We place our loungers at a safe distance from each other. Our deck chairs are placed at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Our swimming master colleagues are constantly making sure that there is no congestion in the pools. The entire wellness department is constantly cleaned and disinfected, especially the railings, water blocks, changing rooms and toilets. Thanks to our state-of-the-art air technology, the total amount of air in our indoor wellness area is changed every hour, in addition, we also ventilate and perform additional ozone disinfection at night.


The smoking area reserved for guests can accommodate either a family or a maximum of 2 people at a time.

Children's playroom

A family or 2 children can stay in our children's playground with animation supervision at the same time. Our unattended playroom can also accommodate a family or 2 children with 1-1 parents at a time.
The number of participants in adult and child animation and active programs is also limited depending on the location.

Vitalium Laser Centre

In addition to the strict hygiene rules, the laser center takes the following precautions to protect the health of patients and staff: we ask you to keep a distance of one and a half meters at the dispatch desk, one patient (and his / her attendant) can be at the desk at the same time. Before using the treatment, the patient confirms by signing that he has no complaints of infection. The counter, doctor's office and treatment room are constantly disinfected. All our staff wear masks.
Our patients are kindly requested to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the date of treatment to avoid congestion at the dispatch desk. Escorts are asked to wait in the café or hotel lobby during the treatment.
In addition to strict hygienic preparedness against the covid-19 coronavirus, we welcome our guests at the Hotel Európa fit in Hévíz. Safe travel to Hévíz.

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