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Dermatology treatments

The desire of men to be eternally young has opened anenormous market for the anti-aging treatments. The latest improvements in laser technology have developed a more long lasting, scientifically proven method for the restoration of the natural beauty of the skin.

Anikó DOBRIBÁNNÉ FEKETE, M.D. [Mrs. DOBRIBÁN] – dermatologist – cosmetologist

FEKETE M.D. earned her medical degree at the Department of Dermatology of Budapest in dermatology and cosmetology in 1988. Previously she worked at the County Hospital of Zalaegerszeg, later at the Outpatient Clinic Specialised in Dermatology of the Hospital of Keszthely. At present she works at the Outpatient Clinic of Szentgotthárd.

Gentle rejuvenation® programme

With the help of the rejuvenating programme we can achieve a years younger status of the skin, which on the one side can be immediately seen after the treatment, and on the other hand the laser beam commences a regeneration chain reaction in the cells of the connective tissue, which means that the skin can make a healthier collagen even for 6 months, thus it gets younger ahead. The result remains permanent for years. In the following years the aging process may be started from even a ten years earlier stage.




  • Gentle rejuvenating with TwinLight®method
    2-3 treatments are recommended, price: 150 000
    HUF / treatment / 1 hour - 4 steps / treatment
    1. treatment
    2. treatment after 6-8 weeks
    3. treatment after 4-6 months

The wrinkle removing and rejuvenating treatment can be made with the help of epithelium removing Er:YAG laser and as well with the help of epithelium preserving Nd:YAG laser; the use of either type depends on the exact aesthetic result that the patient and the physician want to achieve. The epithelium removing and preserving methods may be combined to create an overall, aging-stopper treatment, such as the FOTONA TwinLight® fractional rejuvenating method.

The so far used skin rejuvenating treatments concentrated on larger areas of the skin, regardless of the fact that it has or not been aging. The Fotona TwinLight® fractional rejuvenating treatment method instead, aims precisely the imperfections of the skin, leaving the surrounding healthy skin untouched. The heat of the laser simultaneously enhances the collagen formation of the skin in the cutis and in the healthy skin surrounding of the treated area this way speeding up the process of renewal.

The TwinLight® fractional rejuvenating treatment is a simple, 3-step method, which has been optimized to unequivocally enhance the smoothness of the skin and to make it look healthier and fresher. The Fotona Nd:YAG laser beam’s deep heat effect helps to renew the skin and enhance the process, while the Er:YAG beam helps the body to form a newer and tighter epithelial layer.

This type of treatment can be used on any type of skin and in case of any skin tone, with minimal healing period.

Laser Face Lifting without surgical intervention

  • Fotona 4D™
    2-3 treatments are recommended, price: 150 000 HUF / treatment / 1 hour - 4 steps / treatment
    1. treatment
    2. treatment after 6-8 weeks
    3. treatment after 4-6 months

The Fotona 4DTM is a unique series of treatments, which aims the outer surface of the face and the oral cavity region, without surgical intervention. This is a volume increasing and face-lifting process, which results a rejuvenated skin with the contraction of the collagen fibres, without healing period and without injections.

The Fotona 4DTM uses the wavelength of two types of laser beams (Er:YAG and Nd:YAG) and consists of four treatment methods. The treatments act against aging on four different levels; aiming the deeper, the medial and the superficial layers of the connective tissues of the skin and as well the outermost part of the epithelium.

The four “dimensions” of Fotona 4DTM refer to four different procedures: SmoothLiftinTM, FRAC3TM, PIANOTM and SipErficialTM. All of the four procedures are used in aesthetic treatment to prevent aging. The Fotona SP Dynamis combines the four exclusive procedures and the two wavelengths of the laser, in the so far known most effective manner, without surgical intervention and in a painless way to achieve the desired effects. There is no need to use anaesthesia or narcosis during Fotona 4DTMface lifting, because its steps enhance each other’s efficacy.

The Fotona 4DTM, as well as Fotona 3DTM equally treats the region of the oral cavity, the only difference between them is that the SupErficialTM treatment, which helps to make the superficial epithelium smoother and brighter, is the final step of the 4D treatment, while it is not part of the 3D treatment.


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