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Gynaecological treatments

The introduction of Fotona's Smooth™ technology came with revolutionary changes in the aesthetic gynaecology. The treatment of certain gynaecological problems has become possible that were not possible to treat or only with surgical methods.

Péter Regényi, MD, obstetrist and gyneacologist

[Dr. Regényi] has been working at the Department of Obstetrics nd Gynaecology of the Zala County Hospital fpr 27 years. His main professional interests are endoscopic gynaecologic surgery (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy), ultrasonographic diagnostics and the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence. He has held child gynaecological consultations for 12 years.


The Intimate Rejuvenation program

The clinically tested and developed gynaecological treatment types are the following:

  • IntimaLase Twinlight 3D treatment (20' number of suggested treatments: 2-3 pieces) * 150 000 HUF / occasion

An Er:Yag laser intervention designed for the treatment of loose vagina syndrome that is incision-, pain, bleeding- and suture-free.
The most frequent causes of the syndrome are the dilating effect of vaginal childbirth, hereditary weakness of the connective tissues and the reduction of collagen fibers due to natural ageing.
The vaginal wall is rebuilt and becomes tight and supple again during the treatment. The satisfaction of the couples exceeded all expectations after the treatment.

  • InkontiLase Twinlight 3D treatment (20' number of suggested treatments: 2-3 pieces) * 150 000 HUF / occasion

Er:Yag laser treatment developed for the treatment and prevention of (stress and mixed type) incontinence.
Incontinence is a condition when urine leakage occurs upon coughing, sneezing, walking on stairs, running or physical exertion. The collagen fibers resynthetised according to the previously described mechanism reinforce and support the fundus of the bladder during the treatment thereby correcting the modified anatomical position that lead to the leakage of urine in the first place.

  • RenovaLase treatment* (20' number of suggested treatments: 2-3 pieces) 120 000 HUF / occasion

The burning, itching sensation without inflammation, vaginal dryness and and the accompanying avoidance of intimacy due to the pain are caused by of the atrophy and thinning of the walls of the vagina during the transition years. The Er:Yag treatment results in the thickness of the vagina’s walls doubling according to their original conditions, the vaginal walls regaining their suppleness and the disappearing of the above symptoms. With the pain gone relationships will become active again. The feeling of dryness in the vagina will also be alleviated to almost 100%.

  • ProlapLase Twinlight 3D treatment* (20' number of suggested treatments: 2-3 pieces) 150 000 HUF / occasion

The Er:Yag laser treatment of vaginal prolapse occurs without incisions using the above technique’s contracting and elasticity enhancing effect on the vaginal walls. Second to fourth degree vaginal prolapse where the prolapsed wall of the vagina passes the plane of the entrance of the vagina especially makes the day-to-day lives of the affected patients’ difficult. Contrary to the cosmetic surgery of the vagina we do not remove part of the vaginal wall during the ProlapLase treatment.

  • Ostium Er:Yag - Ostium anti-HPV treatment (10' number of suggested treatments: 1-2 pieces) 50 000 HUF / occasion

The Er:Yag treatment of the epithelium of the uterine orifice has a keratoplastic and antiviral effect on the mucosa of the uterine ostium by treating the epithelial surface.

  • Treatment of genital condyloma caused by HPV6,11 infection on the vagina and external genitals (5' / peaces) 7500 HUF / piece

The skin growths caused by HPV 6,11 infection that are sexually transmittable are painlessly removed by the Er:Yag treatment.

  • Treatment of cervicalisation-type changes of the orifice of the uterus (cervical ectropia) (number of suggested treatments: 1 piece) 60 000 HUF / occasion

The main complaints in these conditions are increased secretion and haemorrhaging because of the vulnerable epithelial surface. A new epithelium is produced during the treatment by the end of the second month after treatment.

  • Labioplastics (intimate correction) - Labioplactica (90' number of suggested treatments: 1 piece) 210 000 HUF / occasion

Labia size reduction with Er:Yag laser is performed under local anaesthesia without the traditional surgical techniques without sutures that is enabled by the cutting and bleeding prevention abilities of the laser.

*Information: Two to four weeks recuperation is advised between two treatment sessions. The treatment does not require any special preparation or follow-up. The patients can immediately return to their normal daily activities after the treatment.


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