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Medical wellness

Reacting to changing demands

Our hotel has put great emphasis on its pampering spa and health focusedservices, which were based on elements of the traditional health cures ofHévíz, thus taking into account the way these treatments work togetherboth in their contents and their packaging as well as the environment.
For years our company had a great number of regular guests who helped us develop our product to an even higher standard.
The needs and expectations of the guests have altered in many waysthroughout the years. The younger, more active guests have joined inmedical tourism and they have put emphasis on relaxation, recreation and preventioninstead of cure. The contents of wellness have changed significantly aswell. In our hotel more and more guests showed interest in treatmentsthat reach beyond simple wellness offers.Thus the direction of the development was unambiguous. The successful andpopular medical wellness cures had to be placed in a new environment, andthey have to be extended by modern and pampering treatments and open uptowards the alternative medicine as well. This concept has come to lifeunder the name VITALIUM.


VITALIUM, the new concept in wellness therapy

Medical wellness therapy is extended not only in the above described way but also by consultation, which is focused entirely on the individual, should itbe medical exercises, a sport trainer or a dietitian.
VITALIUM is the perfect combination of many components. Apart from combining the essential elements during the treatments, such as Earth, wind, water and fire, it puts such treatments beside one another as they canachieve success only based on each other. Thus VITALIUM embraced the experience of bathing and vitality embracing alarge conceptual sphere, exercises, a healthy diet, the use of naturalconstituents during the treatments, as well as looking after the mind andsoul, as well restoring our energy.


The special atmosphere of VITALIUM, meaningful colours

While creating VITALIUM we took the most vital elements of the Earth asthe starting point. Earth colours are dominant; from brown to burning red, accompanied by terra cotta and beige. In the construction of the waiting room - in order to prepare our guests for the treatments - the socalled silk red was used on most parts of the wall surface, which is a clear warm orange-red shade. It is very appealing, a colour that catches the eye. We chose a colour that cannot rule over itself; however it is combined with ebony brown in order to maintain the harmony. Despiteits recklessness, silk red has a long history. The dominant colour ofthe Far-Eastern cultures carries deep meaning.
Our medical water and water treatments got a warm, ethereal bluebackground, extended by a darker, indigo blue. Our newtub-baths extended by enjoyment tubs duly cover the needs of thoseseeking wellness services. Besides our mud-baths and aroma baths we expectour California tub to enjoy the greatest popularity, in which apart from the lights and scents, music - which filters through the membranes of the tub into the water - is a real speciality. How about the pure enjoyment of a little Bach or Strauss melody or Madonna even Abba hits? Nothing is impossible when it comes to the question of your health.
Our electrotherapies await our guests in sunshine yellow, while our mudtreatment cabin, as a reference to the origin of mud, was extended bybrown-beige earth colours. We provide more natural lights to the treatmentsas well as accessories, which were made of natural materials. The speciality of our mud treatment cabins is a Barrisol foil, developed by NASA placed above the operating-bed with the help of which we created awarm, sunshine-like ambience. The foil breaks and spreads light in aunique way, thus achieving a special effect above the whole body.


New Medical Wellness Pavilion

One fantastic result of the investment is our Medical Wellness Pavilion, which gives home to 11 massage rooms, they show warm, friendly yet clear colours as well. We created operation-rooms equipped with a shower cabin showing colours reminiscent of burnt clay for the Ayurveda, the Lomi-Lomi and Thai massage, extended by unique architectural elements. Our alternative massage rooms with their pleasant, calm greenish shade will capture those seeking relaxation.


Healing water and colours

It has long been known that it is possible to heal through colours. Our VITALIUM places our guests in the appropriate environment with the helpof colours, giving appropriate starting point to the success of thetreatment. In case somebody tries our several different treatments in the form of a wellness package or cure he or she will experience a trip through thecolours of the rainbow. In Hévíz where water is of major importance in all aspects, the appearingwaves break the straight forms, as a reference to the diversity of life and the impulse given to our organism with the help of the cure.
In our hotel we often come across the square elements fastened on the wall. As the cube is regarded by many as the most perfect form it is not asurprise that we choose its square version as the basic motive, as it constantly reminds us of our demand for the perfect quality of ourservices.

The Hévíz health treatments

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Vitalium laser centre

We have opened our new, multifunctional Vitalium Laser Centre, with the leading of professional specialists.


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